User Agreement

Owner gives a user free service using web-site. Internet user after registration on web-site becomes user of web-site and its service given by Owner. Both sides agrees with this true User Agreement and shall fully follow all its terms and statements.

This agreement is made between limited liability company "" and any other person (hereinafter named as user) that uses web-site (hereinafter named as web-site). Hereinafter both of them named as the "sides" and individually- "side".

In conformity with Article 435 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation, this User Agreement is an offer.

In conformity with Article 438 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation an acceptance of true contract terms is implementation User's payment as payment for services provided through the Site.

Agreement concluded in the form of an offer does not require the two-sided signing and is valid in electronic form.

1. Subject of Agreement

1.1. The real Subject of Agreement is a service given by Owner which allows user to upload video materials on the web-site.

1.2. Owner got rights to change the agreement without informing a user. All of the changes of the real agreement are published on the web-site

2. Available services

2.1. The basic service provided to users is an opportunity to upload video materials and text and photo information also.

2.2 The placement on the web-site is free.

2.3 If user have questions related to functionality of web-site or it's service, he has a right to contact technical support of web-site Owner —

3. Rules of registration

3.1. User have to give actual and true information about him(her)self during the registration in order to get full and quality service.

3.2. Owner and User have to keep the information confidential. User is responsible for any information that he uploads on the web-site. When User gives a registration information and contact information to the third party, Owner is not responsible for confidentiality of given information.

4. Rules of placing videos.

4.1. Owner uploads video materials on website in case if they meet the technical parameters specified in this Agreement.4.2. User that accepted this agreement and uploaded video materials on the web-site gives Owner rights for free using and providing broad access to video content within the web-site without paying any compensation.

4.3. For illegal copying and using video materials are responsible those organizations and users that used video materials illegally published on this web-site.

4.4 Until it is proven the opposite, all rights on video materials belong to the user who uploaded these video materials. User is warned about the responsibility of illegal usage and copying of works made by other users or organizations according to the law of the Russian Federation. If it will be established that the User who has placed Video data isn't their legal owner, these Video data will be immediately withdrawn from an easy approach under the first requirement of the lawful legal owner.

4.5. Uploaded video materials on web-site must not: • violate any applicable laws, honor and dignity, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, to promote the provocation of religious, racial or ethnic hate, contain scenes of violence or inhuman treatment of animals, etc. • abuse in any way; • contain drug advertisement; • violate the rights of under aged; • violate the copyrights and related rights of third parties; • contain pornographic content.

4.6. Owner has rights to refuse user in uploading his video materials and block access to project and also delete video materials for any reason including if video contains contrary to the rules of ethics and morality, if it does not follow the requirements of Russian legislation, contrary to the requirements of this Agreement and the rules of the site owner. Owner of the service does not have to inform user in case of such refusal.

4.7. Owner tries to keep the web-site working 24/7 but he is not responsible for full or partial loss of video materials uploaded by User or for bad quality of service or for its quickness.

4.8. User agrees that he is fully responsible for video materials that he uploaded on the web-site. Owner is not responsible for content in video materials data and for their compliance all legal requirements, for copyright infringement, unauthorized use of trademarks, names of firms and their logos, as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of video on the site. In case of claims by third parties associated with the placement of videos, User independently and on his own settles these claims.

5. Technical requirements for video materials.

5.1. Video materials are uploaded only if user sends them in accordance with technical requirements established by this paragraph. The owner has the right not to post any material if it does not meet these requirements.

5.2. Video materials must be available in popular video formats. (AVI, DVD-video (.vob), Apple QuickTime video, MPEG video, Windows Media Video, DivX, XviD etc)

5.3. Materials are uploaded on website by users interface (in a menu ‘’Add video’’).

6. Intellectual property

6.1. Design and program code or any other objects o intellectual property uploaded on web-site( including ones that are visible for user and those that are invisible without special access) are intellectual property of owner or any other holders that signed agreement with owner, giving owner rights to place named objects on web-site and are protected by the laws of Russian Federation.

6.2 All video materials uploaded on web-site are available for personal use. Any other use of materials and objects of intellectual property placed on web-site leads to administrative, civil and criminal liability under valid laws of the Russian Federation.

7. Responsibility for violation of agreement.

7.1. In case if user violates the rules of agreement, owner has right to do the following:

  • warn user, the maximum number of warnings are three written warning;
  • cancel the user registration on the site without refund of this user. Usage of these sanctions depends on the number of violations and their degree and owner is determined in each case.

7.2. The owner has made every effort to ensure the normal work of the site, but shall not be responsible for nonperformance or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement, as well as possible losses incurred, including but not limited to, the result of:

  • members behavior, which provides a damage of a security or normal operation of the Site;
  • Disruptions in the site, cause by errors in the code, computer viruses and other extraneous code fragments in software, the Site;
  • lack of (failure to establish, termination, etc.) internet connection between your server and the server site;
  • For state and municipal authorities, as well as other organizations, the activities of the SORM (System of search operations);
  • The establishment of state regulation (or regulation by other agencies) and economic activities of commercial organizations on the Internet and / or establish these subjects one-time restrictions make it difficult or impossible to execute the Agreement;
  • Other cases related to actions (or inaction) Members and / or other entities aimed at degeneration the overall situation with the use of the Internet and / or computer equipment that existed at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement, as any other action on the Site and to third persons;
  • Execution of works referred to in section

7.3. and 7.4. of an Agreement.

7.3. The owner has the right to carry out preventive work in the software and hardware complex site with a temporary suspension of the work site as possible at night time and minimizing downtime Site, notifying the user if it is technically possible.

7.4. In the case of force majeure, as well as failures or malfunctions of hardware-software complexes of third parties cooperating with the owner, or action (or inaction) of third parties, to suspension or termination of operation of the Site, may be suspension of the Site without notice to User.

8. Validity of agreement.

8.1. Agreement applies when user accept the Agreement.

8.2. The agreement is an offer in accordance with Art. 435 of the Civil Code and, therefore, Owner has the right to revoke the Agreement as an offer in accordance with st.436 Civil Code, in case of revocation of the Agreement the owner during the term of the Agreement, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated from the date of withdrawal. Feedback is accomplished by placing the relevant information on the Site.

8.3. The agreement is concluded for infinite period.

8.4. This Agreement is spreading its effects on users that registered before the date of publication of this Agreement on the Site.

8.5. All timing is needed to be calculated under this Agreement is calculated according to Moscow time.

9. Other terms and conditions.

9.1. Any notices, requests or other messages (mail) provided by the parties to each other should be written and sent to the receiving party by email. The date of receipt of the correspondence is the time when the electronic delivery confirmation. e-mail:

9.2. In case of changing mail, email and legal status owner informs user about these changes by uploading information on web-site.

9.3. In case if any of stipulation are not valid in law it will be removed from the agreement and other stipulations will remain.

9.4. Questions not mentioned in the agreement are to be decided in accordance with the law of Russian Federation.